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Plaques and points of interest
  • We research an area of London and identify any national or local plaques and points of interest, together with information sources we can use to build up the associated historical details. We designate each set of features associated with a plaque - its location, images, audio and video files and texts - as an ipointr.


  • These ipointrs  are plotted along an historically interesting and  comfortable walking route to produce a map using the application ‘PlotaRoute’ to link them.

  • Each walk begins and ends at a London Transport Underground station.

FAQ p7.png
This is a map of the Free Mayfair Walk
  • The postal address of each ipointr is identified along with its postcode.

  • These postcodes are used to plot  ‘What3Words’ location markers. NOTE: ‘What3Words’ markers are accurate within 3m which is more than we need. We therefore, in most cases, follow the postcode link for the house on which the plaque appears.  

  • If a feature does not have a postcode the map/satellite view in the ‘What3Words’ app is used to place a marker as close to the feature as possible.

FAQ 8.png
  • Each ipointr, with its plaque icon, address, postcode, bagging score and ‘What3Words’ location marker, is listed on a scoresheet document (see illustration above).

  • Images (some with a small i-spy icon), texts, directions and URL links to more information are included in the walk pdf document as shown here…


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