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Heritage Walks is a digital publishing organisation based on the websites: and


It exists to:

  • make people aware of the ‘lost’ ‘London Villages’

  • familiarise pedestrians and cyclists in London with the range of plaques commemorating famous and infamous people who lived in these ‘villages’

  • produce walks for each ‘London Village’ incorporating directions, brief comments on history and architecture, plus images (photos/illustrations) and videos based on route maps produced using the ‘PlotaRoute’ website and English Heritage and LA information

  • identify clusters of text, images, audio and video files along the route of each walk to be known as ‘ipointrs’- each to be located using ‘what3words’ website and app

  • produce albums of images - including photos and illustrations - for each walk

  • make these walks and albums available in a variety of formats and platforms - especially pdf downloads (printable), smart devices (IOS and Windows) and turning-page (Simple Booklet)

  • make these walks commercially available from the website record and maintain the details of each walk on the website produce a scoring system for collecting plaques along each walks - ‘bagging’. publish a free downloadable pdf ‘scoresheet’ for each walk

  • maintain and display a ‘bagging scores’ database.

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